Kelly Powers

Office Manager

After years in corporate America and formerly owning a small retail business, Kelly thought it was time to shift gears and seek new opportunities, leading her to join the Perennial team.

With a strong administrative background and a genuine love for connecting with people, Kelly excels in her role by combining these qualities to provide exceptional support. Whether it's assisting new or existing clients, she understands the significance of attention to detail and effective communication to ensure that their experiences with Perennial surpass their expectations.

Kelly deeply values client relationships and takes pleasure in getting to know each client personally to better serve their needs. She finds joy in the small, friendly, and relaxed environment at Perennial, where every day brings something new to learn and grow from. The diversity and opportunity within the company are both welcoming and refreshing for her.

Outside of work, Kelly's priorities revolve around her family and loved ones. As a devoted wife and mother to two fur babies, spending quality time with them holds paramount importance in her life. She dedicates her time to activities like working out, hiking with their dogs, or simply cherishing quiet moments together on the couch.

For Kelly, the key to contentment lies in doing what you love, and she is grateful to have found happiness by genuinely enjoying the work she does at Perennial.