Here at Perennial Advisors Group, we provide holistic, ongoing financial planning & investment management.

Our primary service model is covered by a flat, annual retainer fee. The fee is billed quarterly in arrears and it includes the following services:

  • Continuous monitoring of your financial goals & portfolio
  • Investment performance reporting & portfolio analysis
  • Incorporate employer retirement plan(s) into overall strategy
  • Tax planning & preparation
  • Periodic meetings to review the plan, portfolio and strategy


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Holistic financial planning is a comprehensive approach to financial planning that takes into account all aspects of your financial life, including your goals, your assets, your liabilities, and your tax situation.


Our holistic financial planning services include:

  • Defining your financial goals
  • Conducting a detailed review of your net worth and cash flow
  • Developing scenarios and strategies to achieve your goals
  • Reviewing your current tax situation and withholding
  • Comparing future tax projections to optimize tax savings
  • Reviewing your insurance coverage and estate planning documents
  • Providing guidance on other specific topics such as employer stock options, college savings, and 529 plans


Investment management is the process of overseeing and managing an investment portfolio to achieve specific financial goals. Our investment management services include:

  • Developing a strategy based on your investment goals, risk profile, and cash needs.
  • Designing a portfolio to achieve long-term growth, tax-efficiency, and proper diversification.
  • Reviewing and updating your strategy as needed based on changes to your goals, risk profile, and cash needs.
  • Monitoring allocation and executing rebalancing trades.
  • Facilitating transfers in/out of accounts and ensuring proper liquidity.
  • Conducting periodic reviews of your employer retirement plan balances to determine if any changes are needed.