David Carpenter

Founder & Managing Partner

Dave started this business in 1998 with the concept to help people with their financial success. As the firm, and the world have evolved over the years, Dave has been able to combine his high level of financial expertise, tax knowledge, and investment advice to provide clients with a positive investment experience, and peace of mind about their finances, and taxes.

In his previous work, Dave worked in various accounting and treasury roles with various companies both locally and overseas before starting the business. In the 80’s he traveled around the world during a two-year assignment living and working overseas. It was indeed a life changing experience.

In terms of education, he is a Cum Laude graduate of Ohio University with a dual major in accounting and finance, and holds a Master of Science in Taxation from Bentley University as well as an advanced degree certification as a Master Personal Financial Planner from Bentley.

Outside the office, he enjoys life on Cape Cod, as well as hanging out with family and friends. Good wine is often a companion, as well as his wonderful girlfriend Rose. A graduated retirement has been the plan that he is executing, and the plan for the immediate future. Decreasing his carbon footprint has been a priority recently with a home solar array and electric vehicle.

His passion for helping people makes it a rare day that Dave feels like he is working…which is truly a gift.